Product Name Hydrangea Colourant Price: €5.00

Hydrangea Colourant growing success


Hydrangea Colourant

    • Harmlessly Changes. pink hydrangeas to blue. Enhances the colour of all lime hating shrubs. Child and pet safe.
    • To enhance the flower colour on hydrangea’s and other flowering shrubs.
    • Turns pink Hydrangea’s blue, and dark pink flowers mauve.
    • Works best in acid soil. In alkaline soil ericaceous compost should be added plus a double dose of colourant.

    • How to Use:-
      Hoe in one capful of colourant into the surrounding soil at a rate of one cap full per square metre
      Water with diluted colourant every seven days during the growing season. One cap full to every five litres of water.
    • Precautions:-
    • Irritating to skin, gloves should be worn, wash hands and exposed skin with soap and water

Notes : Usual checmical Precautions  apply  when using this  item. 

    • Keep away from  Kids and pets. wash off in case of contact, remove  contaminated clothing. 
    • Seek medical advice with out delay if ingested. 
    • Use  sparingly and correctly. Get help with instuctions if  you can not  under stand.
    • Do not  harvest food crops for at least  one  full day after  using this product on them.
    • Do not spray  open flowers wait till evening. Do not apply  on  very dry  or wilted palnts. soak first.