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Ground cover plants for sunny locations


The advent of low maintenance gardening has created a great deal of intrest and use of ground cover plants to reduce weeding. Ground cover plants must make dense growth quickly, The plants I have listed below perform well in full sun, these plants would be excellent planted on sunny banks where access is difficult and grass would prove dangerous to mow. Many of them are useful in stabilizing the soil on sloping sites. When planning a bed of ground cover plants it is important to select plants of different heights, textures and colours to give visual satisfaction.

Until plants have grown it is important to undertake regular weeding, or you could plant through woven landscape fabric which in time will be hidden when the plants have grown.


  1. Cerastium tomentosum
  2. Lampraunthus
  3. Veronica prostrata
  4. Erica carnea cultivars
  5. Hebe pinguifolia
  6. Genista hispanica
  7. Rosa ground cover pink
  8. Juniperus communis prostrata 
  9. Polygonum affine
  10. Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens
  11. Salix repens
  12. Hypericum olympicum
  13. Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus
  14. Artemisia pontica
  15. Geranium endressii
  16. Nepeta fassenii
  17. Potentilla fruticosa Goldfinger
  18. Sempervivum tectorum
  19. Diascia cultivars
  20. Lithadora
  21. Dianthus
  22. Andromeda polifolia Compacta




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